About Us

To provide industry-leading tooling solutions and personal protective equipment that combine high quality and competitive pricing while offering unrivalled customer service. We strive to be the preferred partner for our customers by constantly improving our products and processes, sharing our deep product knowledge and ensuring fast and reliable delivery. We are dedicated to strengthening the communities around us through long-term relationships, sustainability and commitment to our customers' success.

Our mission is ...

”.. to deliver high-quality tools and equipment with expert advice at competitive prices”

Our vision is ...

"...to become the preferred partner in the tools and equipment industry through innovation, sustainability and an unrivalled customer experience."

”Welcome to SMVKT - where quality, price and customer service go hand in hand”

S.M Værktøj ApS was established in 2014 by Steffan Madsen. The company has adapted to the market in recent years, and Michael Pedersen has become part of the ownership group. S.M Værktøj offers a wide range of products for industry, agriculture, building and construction, etc.

The full story

SMVKT took its first steps in Tulstrup in January 2014, founded by Steffan Madsen, a visionary with extensive experience in the tool industry. It all started in Steffan's garage, where SMVKT's journey towards success began. Fuelled by an unwavering belief in quality and innovation, the company grew rapidly. Within the first three months, the team expanded to four dedicated employees, and six months after its establishment, Michael Pedersen became an integral part of the ownership, bringing new energy and expertise.

SMVKT has expanded its product offering significantly since its early days. In addition to cutting tools, our range today also spans from blades, machinery, consumables, hand tools, chemicals, construction and workwear to personal protective equipment. We serve a wide range of industries, including agriculture, building and construction.

Every product undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure that only the best is offered to our customers. This commitment to quality, combined with our attractive prices, has cemented our reputation as a reliable partner in the industry. Quality and customer satisfaction are thus at the core of everything we do. We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, and we place great emphasis on sharing our expertise so that customers can make informed decisions.

Our history is a story of continuous growth and development. From the early days in the garage to our current facilities spanning 3000 square metres in Ikast, Steffan and Michael have led SMVKT through an expansive journey. Now we stand as a strong player in the market, distributing to 7 different countries with 40 dedicated employees and specialists, each contributing to our shared mission. We are proud of our journey and look forward to continuing to build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on quality, price and service.


We are the proud sponsors of ...

Just as we started somewhere ourselves, it means a lot to us to lend a helping hand and support others. We are proud to sponsor the following:

- Herning BlueFox
- FC Midtjylland
- Ringgaard Motorsport
- Ikast Børnefestival
- Hyldgårdsmarkedet

At SMVKT we focus on collaboration

Collaboration with AArhus University

This can either include students who need an internship in connection with their degree programme or students who need a case for their exam or bachelor project.

Collaboration with Ikast-Brande Municipality

At SMVKT, we want to take social responsibility, which includes recruiting unemployed people, employees in flex jobs, internships and co-operation on integration.