Multi Tool Interfaces

Different types of Multi Tool Interfaces

If you’re already familiar with the multi-cutter, you’ll know how smart and versatile a tool it is. But the “clever” part is not the machine itself, but the wide range of accessories available for it. With the right tools, the multi-cutter can cut, saw, sand, grind, mill and scrape– even in places where other tools have difficulty reaching.

In the past, all accessories and machines had to be from the same brand or they wouldn’t fit together. This is no longer necessary, as new machines and accessories are constantly appearing on the market.

At SMVKT you can buy different types of multi tool interfaces; Starlock, Starlock Max, Starlock Plus, Multi, Quick and SuperCut.


This system was originally developed by DeWalt. The advantage of this system is that you can easily change blades without the use of other tools. However, you should be aware that the blades warm hot during use and you have to wait for the blades to cool down.

The Quick system uses a strong spring to hold the accessory in place. This can be released again with two fingers to free the blade and replace it. This means that if you own a DeWalt Multicutter, you’ll need to use the universal adapter that comes with it if you want to use an accessory with a different type of tool lock that doesn’t have an opening at the end. However, this means losing some of the speed and convenience of the system.


This 12-edge fastening system was originally developed by FEIN. This system has been around for a few years now and is therefore compatible with most older machines with internal hexagon on the market (e.g. FEIN machines from 2016 backwards). If you have an older machine with this type of lock, Starlock blades can be fitted using an adapter.


This type of tool lock is based on the 12-point OIS system originally developed by BOSCH. This system ensures that the blades fit all types of machines on the market regardless of the type of lock.

The original OIS system quickly became a standard in multi-cutter blades and accessories. If you take a closer look at this type, you will see that the “new” Starlock system is based on the same 12-point system.

Starlock Plus

Starlock blades are the latest addition to the range. This interface type still have the traditional mount in the middle and the 12-edge fastening system, but this comes with several advantages. The system is suitable for more demanding use and greater depth of work, offering greater power transfer. Compatible with more powerful oscillating multi-tools.


Starlock blades are the latest addition to the range. This lock type has been developed in co-operation between BOSCH and Fein. This type of lock fits the vast majority of machines on the market with a 12-point hitch. Starlock is now the new standard in blade attachments. With this type of attachment, even more forces are transferred from machine to blade.

This standard system designed for common tasks and compatible with most basic multi-tools. Suitable for smaller and less demanding tasks.

Starlock Max

The Max-system is the newest development from Fein. The system still has the well-know 12-edge fastening, however the mount in the middle has changed. This is the most advanced system designed for professional and industrial applications that require maximum performance. Compatible only with specific high-end models.