Complete Cutting and Grinding Disc Guide

A complete guide to finding the right cutting disc for the job. Are you doubting which cutting or grinding disc you should use for a given task? No need to worry. We have composed a complete guide of all the different cutting and grinding discs that are a part our product range.


Abrasive discs and grinding wheels are the perfect choice if you want to remove a large amount of material using an angle grinder or air sander. However, you must be aware that rapid removal of material will leave the surface rough.

The grinding wheels are used for the preparation of welding joints as well as deburring and planing work. In addition, it is also the perfect tool for corner and edge sanding. The coarse grinding wheels are for the cost-focused craftsman, as you get easy material processing and good service life.

The grinding wheels are produced in accordance with EN12413:2019, which applies to rotary bonded grinding products. The grinding wheels are produced as a type 27, which means that they have a flat surface and thus can achieve maximum efficiency when used at a working angle of 0-15°. They are therefore most effective when used on a flat surface.


A cutting disc is particularly suitable for cutting metal and stainless steel. The cutting disc only achieves its full performance potential if there is a perfect match between machine and application. The cutting discs are suitable for freehand use on an angle grinder.

The cutting discs in the sizes 50, 125, 150 and 230 mm are extra thin with means that they have a maximum thickness of 1.9 mm. The discs have a straight shape (shape 41). Cutting discs with a straight shape enable deeper insertion depths and thus a greater number of cuts.

Cutting discs for metal are manufactured using glass fiber reinforced aluminum oxide abrasive grains and resin bonded to provide optimum cutting performance. They must never be used for grinding and must always be used at an angle of 90º. The cutting disc is available in the following sizes: 50, 125, 150, 230 and 400mm


A diamond cup grinding wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold-pressed onto a steel (or other metal, such as aluminum) body, which usually resembles a cup – hence the name. Diamond grinding cups are usually fitted to concrete grinders for grinding materials such as concrete, natural stone, granite and marble.

There are different types of cup grinding wheels and designs and the amount of segment can vary. Those with many large segments can take on heavy workloads, such as grinding concrete and stone, while those with small or sparse segments are usually used for quick removal of paint, wallpaper, glue, epoxy and other surface coatings.

The advanced hole systems make the steel cooled, which helps to extend the service life.


Diamond cutting discs are particularly suitable for tiles, clinker, natural stone, slate and marble. The blade is available in several different sizes and is an extra thin cutting disc with an integrated noise dampening system, which ensures fast cutting and reduced material waste. It can also be used for both wet and dry cutting.

The reinforced center helps ensure thin and straight cuts without damaging the tile. However, you should be aware that diamond cutting wheels are intended for straight cuts, which means that cutting curves deforms the blade and can result in cracks and broken segments. Likewise, the diamond discs must not be used for grinding, just as they cannot withstand lateral impact either.


Lamella grinding discs are also called flap discs. Regardless of the name, we have a disc that fits your angle grinder. The perfect choice if you need to grind steel, stainless steel or steel sheets.

Flap discs are available in several grit sizes: 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120. Grit 40 and 60 are good for rough sanding work, for which grit 120 is best when you need a finer result.

Flap discs are compatible with standard angle grinders. The flap discs are made with high-performance zircon lamellae, which ensures a long service life for the discs. With a package of ten grinding discs per pack, you are sure that there are enough discs to get the job done.


Raps can also be used for rough grinding of filler, tile adhesive, concrete, stone and wood. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be used with a multitool or an angle grinder.

The triangular shape is particularly suitable for precise grinding of corners and small surfaces. The triangular shape and holes allow for dust extraction, which minimises dust and dirt during work.

The abrasive part is coated with Carbide Sprinkles which gives the blade improved abrasive properties. Made of stainless steel for longer durability and corrosion resistance.